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Issues that Matter

Patti will put the men, women, families, students, and businesses of District 33A first. She will support public safety, advocate for our students, cut wasteful spending, lower taxes, protect our constitutional rights and implement common-sense policies that retain the high quality of life Minnesotans deserve.  

Control excess government taxes and spending

The past few years have been devastating to families and businesses across our state.  Patti will oppose any tax increases that ask those who have already sacrificed so much to pay even more. She will work to lower taxes—not raise them—helping businesses and families get back on their feet.

Support for our law enforcement and first responders

Patti supports our police and law enforcement and will work to ensure public safety for you and your family.  Liberal prosecutors and inner-city politicians have put the entire Twin Cities area at risk of dramatic increases in crime due to their “Woke” politics.  Patti will stand up against the de-fund movement and any legislation that puts your safety at risk.

Improve student achievement with parental involvement

Patti will ensure what students are learning in the classroom is focused on real education and not political issues that don’t prepare our children for the future.  Parents have the right to be involved in their children’s education and increased curriculum transparency is needed. Patti will fight for fair funding, and make sure our local schools have the resources they need, and Patti supports increasing school choice options.

Protect our Seniors and our children

Patti will fight to protect seniors’ health and personal safety, and supports eliminating the tax on Social Security benefits. Patti also believes in tough sentences for crimes targeting seniors and children.

Defend our constitutional rights

Gov. Walz shut down our schools and locked kids out of the classroom. We need legislators who will fight government overreach and protect Minnesotans constitutional rights. Patti is a strong supporter of the right to Free Speech, the right to Bear Arms and the Right to Life.

Demand Accountability and transparency

Patti will hold government agencies accountable, and work to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of your hard-earned tax dollars like she did as State Auditor. We need someone who has cracked down on overspending and held government and elected officials accountable for irresponsible spending which fuels inflation.

Promote Business

Patti will work diligently to restore our area businesses and employment by promoting job creation and removing the barriers to entry for new businesses. As a business owner herself, Patti understands the challenges of finding employees, supply chain bottlenecks, unreasonable regulations and excessive corporate taxes that put Minnesota at a competitive disadvantage. Supporting small businesses will be one of her top priorities.